Off Campus

In case of a problem while logged in via off-campus, clear your "cookies", "browsing history" and retry accessing the database!

What is "Off-Campus Access"?

Off-campus access is a service for Sabancı University Members (SU students, full time  faculty and staff) to connect to Information Center electronic resources from off campus site. (databases, periodicals , e-books , slides , etc.)

Who has "Off-Campus Access"? 

Restricted by license agreements, only the following groups have defined as authorized users and have the right access to databases, periodicals, e-books and slides subscribed by Information Center.

  • Sabancı University students,
  • Faculty,
  • Staff.

The following groups are not authorized users and do not have the right access to online databases, periodicals, e-books and slides subscribed by Information Center.

  • External users (Walk-in users) of the Information Center,
  • Project specialists (who work on SU projects temporarily).

What Information Center resources can I access via "Off-Campus"? 

Sabanci University Members have right access to databases, periodicals, e-books and slides subscribed by Information Center. 

How do I get "Off-Campus access"?

  • Connect to the Sabancı University "Information Center Web Site"
  • Click on the "Off campus Access" button.
  • Enter your Sabanci University email account's "User Name" and "Password" to the login box  and click on"Submit".
  • You are on the Information Center's main page.  You may access to any electronic collections you selected such as databases, periodicals, e-books, slides, etc.
  • You only have to do this once per session.  When you log off your current online session, the system forgets your "Username" and "Password", so the "Login" box will appearagain when you reconnect and try to connect to a Information Center resource.

My name and password don't work when I login.

You may not be allowed to access to Information Center online resources one of the following reasons:

  • Your account is being used on the campus network or your computer is running at this time.  Please turn off your campus computer to access Information Center resources remotely.
  • Your username or password was incorrect.  Please try again.

If you believe you type your username and password correctly and still can't login, please contact

Things don't function right when I connect from work. What should I do?

Many corporations use firewalls and/or proxy servers for network security reasons.  These special implementations could interfere with the use of Information Center "Off-Campus Access" service.  First of all (It is a priority) you should inform your company's Information Technology department about your problem. If you can not resolve theproblem, please contact

Things don't function right with my Internet Service Provider (ISP). What should I do?

ISPs that use proprietary versions of browsers MAY cause some problems. A simple workaround is to connect to the provider, minimize your session and use your own copy of Netscape or Internet Explorer for web surfing instead of their browser.

Another common problem is that during set up of dial-up, cable, or broadband connections, certain browser settings get configured according to their "Preferences".  You must disable this setting in order to use "Off-Campus Access".

Why did I get a "404 error" (file not found) page or a "Server not found or DNS error" page? What should I do?

There is a variety of common errors that occur during general surfing of the Internet. When they occur, the web browser sends an error page for you to view - usually without necessary explanation. These may or may not be related to "Off-Campus Access".  There could be various reasons for these errors:

  • An incorrect URL, outdated link or a missing page (404 Errors - Page not Found, Server not Found or DNS Error)
  • Attempting to use the old Information Center Proxy Server
  • Your company's or ISP's proxy servers
  • Some aspect of your network is down or very busy

Whenever you get these kinds of error messages, please inform It is important you note what the error page says, the URL you were trying toaccess (and from where) and other relevant information.

Although, I connect off-campus I cannot access to Information Center electronic resources? What should I do?

If you have tried all of the above options and do still have problem accessing to electronic resources, you may report the problem by filling Information Request Form or you may call  "0216 483 9227" within normal working hours, for evenings and weekends please call the "0216 483 9208".