How to find...

In order to search books, use the Catalog Search under Research Tools. Under the All Collections heading, you can search by Author, Title, Keyword, Subject, Author / Words in Title, Call number, ISN. After finding the book you search in the online catalog, you need to give attention to its location, call number and status. Location gives you the information about under which collection you can find the information source. Call number gives the exact location of the information source. It is formed with letters and numbers. Call number is given to an information source according to its subject. Status gives information on whether the information source is available or not.

If you want to search a specific article first of all you should click on Periodicals under Research Tools.

On the Periodicals page, you should select the Article Finder. The more you enter data here, the more specific results you reach. After clicking the Go button, the reference links will make your search easier and quicker.

Use the Catalog Search under Research Tools. You will see the Multimedia heading and under this heading you will find out the multimedia resources: Video recording, Sound recording and Slides. You can search any of these multimedia resources by Title, Author/Artist, Keyword, Call Number and Subject. In addition to these, when you search the Video recording & Sound recording , you can also use the different type of lists. For instance, in order to search a DVD, you can either search it by Title, Author/Artist, Keyword, Call Number and Subject, or browse the DVD lists which are listed according to alphabetical order, genre, original language and subtitle.

You can benefit from the multimedia sources not only by borrowing but also use them inside the Information Center. Multimedia Carrels and Group Multimedia Rooms are specially designed for your related requests. In order to benefit from these facilities, you need to book multimedia carrels and rooms beforehand.

How to book multimedia carrels and rooms? On web page, click to Rooms Booking link, enter your SU Username and password, select related the calendar and you will see whether a multimedia carrel or a room is available or not. If it the multimedia carrel or room is available, then click on the date and choose the starting and ending time to book the room or carrell.

In the Information Center, you can find journals in two main formats: electronic and print.

When you search for a specific journal, just click on the Periodicals under Research Tools and you will see three options to do your journal title search: Contains, Starts with, Exact. 

After selecting any of these menus follow the reference links and click on the Go button when it is necessary.

In the Information Center, you can find both electronic and print newspapers.

When you search a newspaper, select the Periodicals under Research Tools. You can either select the initial letter of the newspaper from the alphabetical list or enter the title of the newspaper that you are looking for. After these, follow the reference links and click on the Go button when it is necessary.

And also you can read all newspapers from your mobile devices with our PressReader application.

Use the Course Reserve tab on our main page,  you can either search the reserve resource by Faculty Member or Course Code.

If you select the Faculty Member option, don't forget to write the last name first.  For the Course Code option, you will only need to enter the code of the course.