Families in SU Staff Housing


  • Sabancı University members’ spouses and their children living in the residence can benefit from Information Center. SU member must sign a responsibility document and inform the names of the family members who will benefit from the Information Center.
  • The letter of responsibility belonged to those who violated the utilization rules of IC shall be cancelled and the responsible shall be informed about the relevant violation(s) and the sanction(s).

Reference & Guidance

  • Families living in SU Staff Housing can utilize the orientation programs, and they may request orientation programs with specific subjects.
  • Any questions, feedbacks and suggestions can be mailed to reference@sabanciuniv.edu

Circulation & Borrowing

  • Sabancı University members’ spouses and their children living in the residence can benefit from the borrowing services within the SU members’ quota.

Multimedia / Group Study Rooms and Equipments

  • The Multimedia and Group Study Rooms and the Carrels can be used by reserving via the Room Reservation Function on IC's web site. It is necessary to comply with the reservation time to use these rooms and carrels. In case of being late more than 15 minutes for the reservation time, it will be cancelled automatically.
  • The keys of the Multimedia and Group Study Rooms, the earphones belonged to the carrels, the video and DVD players and also the TV remote control devices are borrowed within their bag. The fines to the equipment in the status of overdue shall be implemented in accordance with the Overdue Fines Document. Moreover, the users cannot use the borrowing services until that they will fulfill the payment of the fines related to the relevant material(s).
  • For keys and equipment that are lost or damaged, fine processes are applied in accordance with the Document for Lost and Damaged Information Resources, and borrowing services shall not be available until these processes are completed. Upon request, the possession of the damaged item may be given to the user. Borrowing services shall not be available until the fine is paid.
  • Any questions, feedbacks and suggestions can be mailed to circulation@sabanciuniv.edu

Copying & Printing

  • By paying the fee, they can benefit from all kinds of replication services in accordance with copyright laws. You need to submit any questions and problems related to replication to Cemil Copy.