Attention: Due to the licensing agreements with database providers, alumni that has membership registration to the IC do not have access to the electronic resources from outside the campus network. Our alumni can make their research via Project Muse and SAGE databases that allows open access and has in our list.



  • Alumni acquire "the right to membership to use the services and facilities within the Information Center" through the ID card provided by the University, in compliance with the Information Center General Rules Document.
  • Those who also want to utilize the borrowing facilities, pay yearly membership fee in compliance with the Information Center Membership Fees Document, and acquire "the right to use services and borrowing facilities".
  • Users whose yearly membership periods come to an end, can request for renewal of their membership periods.
  • The permission given to Alumni related to utilizing the services is cancelled if they do not obey the general rules of the Information Center. Their later applications for membership are not accepted for a period of 3 years.

Reference & Guidance

  • Alumni can utilize the orientation programs.

Circulation & Borrowing

  • Alumni may borrow 2 books for 30 days, borrow 1 multimedia for 3 days, and unless they are requested by others, books can be renewed once again for the same period.
  • They may utilize the following collections within the Information Center only; "Reference Collection" which is organized for reference purposes,"Serials Collection" which is a collection of current and back issues of journals
  • They may utilize; "Rare Collection" which consists of rare information resources.
  • Electronic journals and databases are open to in-campus access for 24 hours a day. Alumni cannot have access to them from outside the campus.
  • Processes related to the renewal of borrowed items and reserving information resources can be done over the web site.
  • For information resources, a reminder is sent to the user a week before the due date. Fine processes are applied to those which are returned later than the due date, in compliance with Overdue Fines Document, and borrowing services shall not be available until the fine is paid. Overdue fines are not applied to periods when the Information Center is closed.
  • Return of information resources which are requested to be put in the reserve collection but are already borrowed may be requested even if the borrowing period is not over. If it is before the beginning of the semester, it should be returned within 10 days, during the semester should be returned within 3 days. For those information resources that are not returned within the requested time, fine processes are applied in compliance with the Overdue Fines Document. Borrowing services shall not be available until the fine is paid.
  • For information resources that are lost or damaged, fine processes are applied in accordance with the "Document for Lost and Damaged Information Resources", and borrowing services shall not be available until these processes are completed. Upon request, the possession of the damaged item may be given to the user.
  • Administration is informed of information resources that are claimed to be returned but not found in their places. The user cannot utilize the borrowing services until the final decision of Administration.
  • In order to see notice emails which are interested in checked out resources, please check them on SPAM email box.

Document Supply

  • Requests with incomplete bibliographic data are cancelled and reported.

Copying & Printing

  • Alumni can use photocopy and other duplication services by making the necessary payments in accordance with copyright rules.