Other Universities' Members

  • In order to benefit from the information center services and facilities, a Information Center Registration Form is required. Members of other universities eligible for membership applications may benefit from the services and facilities listed below for a period of 1 year after they have paid their membership fees. Members who do not comply with the rules are canceled.
  • They may request orientation, information and special orientation programs.
  • Any questions, problems and suggestions can be forwarded to reference@sabanciuniv.edu.
  • They can borrow 2 books for 15 days and renew them once again unless requested by others. For delayed and incomplete sources of information, penalties are imposed in the direction of the Membership Fees Document and can not be used for borrowing services until the penalty is paid
  • They can make use of services and facilities on the spot by coming to the Information Center.
  • Other universities' members can use photocopy and other duplication services by making the necessary payments in accordance with copyright rules.